Fuji Seal cordially welcomes you to visit our recently launched Virtual Exhibit Showcase. In today’s ever changing world it becomes imperative for Companies to adapt and align with the latest values & trends for consumer product packaging. The showcase is open for limited period, until the end of July.

Fuji Seal’s Virtual Event 2021 Executive Office
(Located within ENJIN, LTD)
Business Hours: 9:00–18:00 (Japan Time)
E-Mail: fujiseal-virtual@event-ex.net

Reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials has become a social issue of importance to many. Today, product development for the “new normal” requires a customer-focused approach. Moreover, labor shortages have become a reality and further cost reductions are essential. Having taken a bird’s-eye view of these issues across all markets and industries, we can now offer visitors immediate, value-enhancing solutions that respond to these realities. By building on the expertise and technology that Fuji Seal has developed, we are providing solutions with a focus on the three emerging themes: Eco, the New Normal, and Machinery Products. In addition to providing information to help accelerate your business, our virtual exhibition introduces packaging designed with a focus on enhanced variety and capability.

A Japanese-language version of our virtual exhibition is also available.(Japanese-language site)